Nutrition Therapy

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B12 Bar Nutrition Therapy

Get rid of the on or off, all or nothing idea of diets.  Being still on, or back off of a diet is the worst psychological situation to lose weight, gain muscle, or accomplish any goal.  Anything you try from a B12BAR/NutritionTherapy™  tip is a win for health, regardless of what else you do, or don’t do.  These fun and (what used to be) common sense tips take dieting away from being about diligence, stress or even dedication. Speaking of common sense, to echo some of the principles adopted by the FTC which are laid out in the bullets below, “Following sensible and healthy guidelines for eating and physical activity is important for healthy weight management, and achieving and maintaining even a modest amount of weight loss can reduce the severity of illnesses associated with obesity.”

FTC Principles:

  • Following sensible and healthy guidelines for eating and physical activity is important for healthy weight management.

  • Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that is known to reduce life span, increase disability and lead to many serious illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

  • Excess weight is caused by an interaction of genetic (inherited) and environmental (social and cultural) factors, which include metabolic (physical and chemical) and behavioral (psychological and emotional) components. Because of the complexity of weight loss, gain, and maintenance, promises of quick and effortless weight loss are worthless.

  • A sedentary lifestyle is a significant barrier to successfully maintaining weight loss and preventing further weight gain.

  • Losing weight requires burning more calories than the body takes in, by either reducing caloric intake or increasing caloric expenditure, or preferably, both.

  • Achieving and maintaining even a modest amount of weight loss can reduce the severity of illnesses associated with obesity.

  • Effective weight management involves behavior modification which is a lifelong commitment and includes at least two components: healthful eating in accordance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, emphasizing a reduction in total calories, a lowered fat consumption, and an increase in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and

  • increased frequent and regular physical activity of at least moderate intensity.

It’s not about accomplishing a big, serious change or completing some exotic diet, it’s about making healthy habits and enjoying yourself.  Having a running average of 18 out of 30 healthy choices of food or activity for example will always do better than on and off diets. It’s about positioning yourself by using the B12BAR/NutritionTherapy™  guide to exploit a litany of positive lifestyle choices at your leisure that are actually fun, and/or tasty, and super easy to do.  Guess what -instead of watching 20 more minutes of TV, you could spend less than that reading a few tips to help improve your health.  You could pick just two that are easy, fun, or that maybe even make your week more enjoyable by finding a better way to do something, and you will be much healthier for it.  You can break a diet every single day, but if you implement some of our fun ways of doing things, and eat some bars or fruit and nut packs throughout the day (displacing other snacks or parts of big unhealthy meals) you will digest food better, have more nutrients, and be healthier.

You will have a Color Coded Index (lightest to strongest by health effect) of different things to position yourself to lose weight without working hard for it.  There’s nothing wrong with hard work.  Go kill it and burn extra calories -we’ve got a number of level 3 things that will do just that, but even without any of that, you will set yourself up for health consistency without having to work to be diligent.  You will have a color coded reference of ways and things to eat, and ways to do certain things and activities that fit right in your day without having to struggle to stick to something.  When you find about 15 days have went by, while you’re enjoying new healthy things, and you see and feel the results, it really becomes fun, and these bars are so delicious that you can always have a sweet snack that will energize you!

Keep track of the things you have done on your computer, your phone or smart-watch.  Some habits you will keep for life, all of these things will change your life for the better. Whether you want to lose more, or get stronger, or just play it cool and go stretch, it’s all about no stress fat loss and getting healthy in a way that is convenient. You pick when to implement a tip that sounds good at the time. Do it a day or week at a time, enjoy what you’re eating, and in a short while you will feel so much healthier, and you will watch the fat come off.  There is no pressure to “follow it”, or “follow through” with anything.  Just build on the basic skeleton whenever something seems fun to try.  There’s no need to stick to something you do that day either, but you could, or you could try something else on the list next time.

As you cross things off the list, you will be picking up fun, super healthy habits and watching yourself get in bathing suit shape.  Also, there are some interesting articles, that you may not hear a lot about, that may persuade you to make a healthy change that you haven’t before, like dropping dark soda, dark liquor, or some other sugar from your diet, but guess what -you don’t have to.  A lot of this diet is positioning things to be easier so that you end up doing healthy things without working hard, or constantly, diligently working to do it.  It is literally about using our fun Totts to do position yourself to let things happen smarter –not constantly attempt to make them happen harder.  Think about it; there’s a world of information and great easy things to do for health, and there’s a ton of ways to make things easy to do.  It is all about positioning yourself to win.

The key of the B12BAR/NutritionTherapy™  is that you will not leave enough room for too much unhealthy food, you will snack more, turning up your metabolism, and you will pick up some other fun very healthy habits and effortless tricks to implement them over a few weeks, and lose weight. There are multiple, very healthy options to do at once, or just pick one.  It’s fun to make one healthy life changing decision and accomplish it right – so pick the easiest ones and start somewhere. If you pick two healthy habits to change over a 3 week period that are easy or fun for you, you will succeed, and along with eating more smaller meals, eating healthy food, and processing your nutrients better (all accomplished by eating the 5 halves of the BIOBAR or B12BAR as a super healthy snack each day) you will get in much better shape and physical shape adds to mental shape. Did you know that you only make new brain cells when you exercise? And, exercising can be just walking briskly for 15 minutes.  We use a lot of activities that fit in a busy, everyday schedule and we break our activities into 3 levels of difficulty.  The key is consistency, not doing the something over and over, but doing something over and over.  It is designed to be practical, and fun, and give you something healthy to do on any given day, and you always have the opportunity to use what you’ve learned on others.  In doing so, you will start some healthy habits that will reap large benefits over time, such as eating more often and less at one time, eating healthier food without just eating meals like broccoli, egg whites and protein shakes, and doing things that cause you to process nutrients better. You will do things that cause your metabolism to go up, cause you to lose weight, and more importantly, be healthy.

United Health has a program called Rally. Similar to Rally judging your age by your habits of how you eat and work out, dropping in some of the things from the B12BAR Nutrition Therapy will make your “health age” younger than it otherwise would be.  That being said, if you follow the bar regimen, it becomes very easy to healthy-snack so much that you’re displacing urges and otherwise unhealthy food, turning up your metabolism, and growing your natural probiotics with natural prebiotic–not just eating random piles of probiotics, and the B12BAR Nutrition Therapy tips aren’t just about eating.  We’re going to help you turn some things you already do into some fun weight loss activities and some cardio.  You can find something on the list to put an edge on every part of your day that will easily have you burning an extra 400 calories a day without going to the gym or running. You don’t have to buy boxes of B12BARs or BIOBARs for this to work, although it certainly is easier and more satisfying than packing 13 packs of veggies, fruits, and nuts for the week, and sprinkling wheatgrass, chia and prebiotic on them.

When you eat a B12BAR, you can taste the health. It feels good to eat really nutritious, really good food.

The B12BAR/NutritionTherapy™ plan relies on using common habits to our advantage to achieve the following: to enjoy yourself, to not be hungry, to lose weight, and to enjoy your food!  It is free, it is simple, and it works. Read our testimonials; do it for even a week and you will have some very healthy habits for life!


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