Great Snacks for Vegetarians

When it comes to finding good snacks that fit a Vegetarian or vegan lifestyle many people have all sorts of answers to that question.

Three of the most popular options are trail mix, energy bars, and granola, and the reason these three are so popular is because while each has its own fundamental starting standard, after that it’s really up to the person who makes them to decide what they are going to turn it into. Having a personalized snack that you have spent a long time tinkering with and designing is a point of pride to a lot of people.

Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you’re not a foodie with great ideas for how to make a healthy and delicious snack.

Trail mix in general is known for being a combination of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits and if you’re not too worried about getting a little extra flavor (and sugar) in there, candies. The trick is that it doesn’t just have to be cashews and raisins along with a few sunflower seeds and then maybe an M&M here and there. You can experiment with all sorts of different options. Dried cherries have a great taste to them. You could try some applies, banana chips, blue berries, strawberries, and even pineapple chunks sliced thin. There’s all kinds of good small fruits out there to blend into your trail mix.

The amount of nuts you could try out is just as endless, almonds have been hyped as a “superfood nut” as of late, but walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios are all great low calorie options for your mix. When it comes to seeds there is the old standby in sunflower seeds, you should also explore pumpkin, flax seeds, hemp or sesame seeds to see what works best for you. We take all this into account at B12BAR in making a super healthy B12ENERGYBAR that Everyone loves!

When it comes to granola, finding the right oats for the base is the start. Once you’ve decided on a good foundation then the question is how simple or how bold do you want to make it. Just adding in some peanut butter could be enough or you might want to put some fruit chunks, sprinkle in some nuts, add a little vegan friendly dark chocolate.

There is tons of different ways to experiment and create with granola that can end up making something that is your own personal twist on a timeless classic.

Energy bars are newer to the scene, but the same basic idea holds true for them as well. Just finding a way to get a bunch of healthy things together in an ethical and humane way so that you’ll have a quick bite when you’re on the go. Finding your protein and the flavors you want to surround it is rewarding.

What is your favorite plant based snack? Is it a special home brew of one of the things listed here? A brand of trail mix or granola you love? Or something totally different? With so many options out there, one thing is guaranteed, you will love one of the amazing flavors of a B12ENERGYBAR.

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