Our Ingredients

We Use Only Whole Food Ingredients.

Whole food ingredients are those that are processed and refined as little as possible before being consumed. Our superfood ingredients  are foods that are known to fight cancer and improve health and digestion, and foods that are known to fight inflammation.

Simply sweetened with raw, organic dates, organic fruit, or coconut nectar.

You will not find highly processed organic brown rice syrup or agave in our bars. We believe in sweetening with real food – organic dates and coconut nectar. Our dates contain essential vitamins and minerals and has a low glycemic index number, therefore providing a longer and steadier source of energy.

We use 80%-100% Cacao

All of the cacao nibs or dark chocolate in our bars have been chosen not only for their great taste, but for the functional benefits they offer our bodies. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and blood sugar reduction properties to name a few. Learn more about these benefits on our blog. This is just one of the many natural foods that lower blood pressure that we use in B12BARs!! If you supplement your diet with enough foods that lower blood pressure naturally, you will have a host of health benefits!

How we differ from other protein bars.

We do not use any harmful fillers or preservatives. We use natural, non gmo, holistic super-foods directly from nature. We’re not a typical protein bar; our bar is superior in digestive aid super-foods, cancer fighting foods, and quality, it also packs 13 grams of organic vegan protein (organic plant based protein). We do not use even the best soy protein powder, the best whey powder, or the best beef protein powder. We do use the best vegan protein -Hemp Protein and Yellow Pea Protein. We keep it simple. because that’s what food should be.

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