The B12Bar Story

When I was 29, I worked out a lot, and I was in pretty good shape, but I was diagnosed with nutrient deficiency and neuropathy. I was experiencing nerve death as a result of my intestines not processing vitamins and nutrients. Among other things, I was B12 deficient. Shortly after that, my grandfather was diagnosed with dimentia and now has alzhiemers. I found out that both of our nutrition deficiencies were caused by the wrong bacteria balance in our intestines. This was caused by our diets. The nutrients in your food are processed for your body to use, by bacterias in your intestines. Unnatural amounts of sugar and yeast cause certain bacterias in your intestines to grow to unnatural levels, blocking effective processing of nutrients for our body. This causes pre mature aging all kinds of diseases. As one example, my grandad and I both ate ice cream habitually, since childhood. B12BAR is not just nutrients and B12, it also contains natural protein, anti-inflammatories, and the right amount of fiber to counter the insulin spike from the natural sugars. It also contains a natural prebiotic to help grow your own perfect set of probiotics to the right levels. This helps your intestines to process and use the nutrients properly that you eat. Even the ingredient that works as a preservative (sunflower lecythin) is widely consumed as a health supplement.

I started researching which natural foods would reverse this intestinal issue of malnutrition, sickness and diseases, and I found that this disorder is actually very common in the United States. The average American eats more B12 from meats and eggs than any other industrialized country, yet the average American has more B12 deficeincy than almost all of those countries. When your intestines are not working to process nutrients from your food, you become deficient in a number of nutrients, not just B12. B12 deficiency was simply the one that my grand father and I had noticeable symptons from. I’m sure we had other symptoms of other deficiencies. Another interesting fact is that all diseases that are not genetic or caused by an accident (the overwhelming majority of all diseases in the USA) and therefore almost all deaths before the age of 80 that are not from accidents or genetic diseases (the overwhelming majority of deaths) started with the food you ate and the way you were able to digest it. Everything starts with digestion -the food you ate and how you digested it. We now know this is directly related to the previous foods that you ate. In other words when you rule out accident and certain genetic defects every death and sickness generally comes from what you eat and your digestion. 

MISSION: The Company Mission is to educate people and reverse sickness, diseases, premature aging and death due to malnutrition, and to bring food to the masses that accomplishes the above in the most efficient way possible.

I have studied and researched what makes up this bar -each individual ingredient for over 7 years. I have considered what ingredients aid in Digestion, help reverse sickness and premature aging and aid in weight loss and gaining energy. I have a passion for natural foods that do not contain contaminants and poisons that tear apart our health. After years and many versions of my own, I formulated my bar for mass production with a team of natural health bar manufacturers, and as an attorney, I have an eye for detail. With the laws the way they are these days, you absolutely have to research what you consume or you will be in that bell curve of Amercians feeding the medical industry with your body like the Matrix.

Our co-founder Steve, is a former student-athlete with a lot of experience in strength and performance training. He is also passionate about nutrition and health. He has authored eBooks on the best practices and importance of healthy activities. When I approached Steve with the vision of the company, he immediately jumped on board to help bring this product to you. As a trainer and health food advocate Steve had also helped his mother to get healthy through nutrition. He has intimate connections with some of the best and most educated wellness and fitness professionals as well. Steve has a passion for getting products and services to people that genuinely can help them live a better life and dedicates a huge part of his life to that cause. I couldn’t have stumbled on a better co-founder; maybe God had a hand in bringing you, simply, the healthiest snack around.