The B12BAR Story

Our mission is to reverse sickness by informing the public that the bacteria in your intestines is the most important thing to your health, and to help suffering people, wherever they are.

The better health, digestion, and food story that led to making B12BAR started 10 years ago. I had worked out a lot that year, and was visually in good shape, but I was diagnosed with nutrient deficiency, B12 deficiency, and neuropathy.

At that time, even my holistic doctor didn’t talk to me about the antibiotic doses that I was taking every week from the meat that I ate. This means I was on antibiotics all the time -that goes for an overwhelming majority of Americans. These antibiotics were wiping out my intestines ability to make me healthy. They decimate good bacteria that we need to process nutrients to be used for our organs to function properly.  I also suffered inflammation, and there was the fact that my outer nerves were dying as a result of my digestive system not processing vitamins and nutrients.

That being said, even the holistic health doctor didn’t talk about the antibiotic doses in the food that I was regularly eating; the studies confirming this have only recently came out in the last year. He told me a lot of dangers of sugar, and that I should eat organic and whole food, but he didn’t get in to antibiotics. He prescribed me a B12 vitamin.

Most everyone knows or hears that sugar grows the bad bacteria in our guts which overgrows the good bacteria -which is true, but no one, 10 years ago, was hearing that the level of antibiotics in the non-organic meat and milk that we are eating IS like taking a low, actual dose of antibiotics every single week.

Eating three times a day in a seven day week is 21 meals -more for side meals and snacks. How many of those meals contain meat with fair amounts of antibiotics? -every single one that included meat, unless you bought organic meat. For most Americans, that is three quarters or more of the 21 meals a week which totally destroys the good bacteria in your intestines. You no longer properly process nutrients from the food you eat. You can eat all the vitamins you want, and your body will not use much of them at all.

We answer this nationwide crisis with our large amount of natural, high fiber, anti-inflammatory, and digestion promoting super-foods. There is no comparison to the quality of food you get in one bar. Literally years of work and research resulted in the best tasting super-food bar on the market.

B12 is super important, but our line of bars do not just help you process B12.  They help you process vitamins and nutrients.

I was experiencing nerve death as a result of my intestines not processing vitamins and nutrients. Among other things, I was B12 deficient. Shortly after that, my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia which became Alzheimer’s before he just recently passed away. I found out that both of our nutrition deficiencies were caused by the wrong bacteria balance in our intestines which was caused by our diets.

News Flash: The epidemic of American Sickness is caused by the antibiotics in our meat and the high levels of sugar in our foods  (diet).

The nutrients in your food are processed for your body to use, by bacteria in your intestines. Unnatural amounts of sugar and yeast cause certain bacteria in your intestines to grow to unnatural levels, blocking effective processing of nutrients for our body. This causes premature aging all kinds of diseases. As one example, my grandad and I both ate ice cream habitually, since childhood. B12BAR is not just nutrients and B12, it also contains natural protein, anti-inflammatories, and a lot of fiber to help cleanse your system. It also contains natural prebiotics and fiber to help grow your own perfect set of probiotics to the right levels. This helps your intestines to properly process and use the nutrients that you eat.

I started researching which natural foods would reverse this intestinal issue of malnutrition, sickness and diseases, and I found that this disorder is actually very common in the United States. The average American eats more B12 from meats and eggs than any other industrialized country, yet the average American has more B12 deficiency than almost all of those countries. When your intestines are not working to process nutrients from your food, you become deficient in a number of nutrients, not just B12. B12 deficiency was simply the one that my grand father and I had noticeable symptoms from. I’m sure we had other symptoms of other deficiencies. Another interesting fact is that all diseases that are not genetic or caused by an accident (the overwhelming majority of all diseases in the USA) and therefore almost all deaths before the age of 80, that are not from accidents or genetic diseases (the overwhelming majority of deaths), started with the food you ate and the way you were able to digest it.

In other words when you rule out accident and certain genetic defects every death and sickness generally comes from what you eat and your digestion. 

Our co-founder Steve, is a former student-athlete with a lot of experience in strength and performance training. He is also passionate about nutrition and health. He has authored eBooks on the best practices and importance of healthy activities. When I approached Steve with the vision of the company, he immediately jumped on board to help bring this product to you. As a trainer and health food advocate Steve had also helped his mother to get healthy through nutrition. He has intimate connections with some of the best and most educated wellness and fitness professionals as well. Steve has a passion for getting products and services to people that genuinely can help them live a better life and dedicates a huge part of his life to that cause. I couldn’t have stumbled on a better co-founder.

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